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29 March 2011

ING House in Amsterdam

ING House was designed by Amsterdam-based Meyer and Van Schooten Architects.

It has a streamlined shape in anodized aluminium and glass and is constructed like a table on 16 steel legs. The legs stand freely on pins in large concrete blocks in the ground, a technique used in bridge building.

The building is 28 meters wide, 138 meters long and at the highest point of its 10 floors, 48 meters tall. The total site area is 5,600m2. ING House has a lobby, 250 seat auditorium, a foyer, restaurant, library, more than 800m2 of conference rooms and 160 parking spaces.

The inside of the building is home to an impressive art collection. work stations, which give employees the chance to change their working environment. Most employees also enjoy a view of one of the six inner gardens.

25 March 2011

IT Buildings: HP & Microsoft

21 March 2011

Floating Stadium

Made entirely of steel, the floating platform on Marina Bay measures 120 metres long and 83 metres wide, which is 5% larger than the soccer field at the National Stadium. The platform can bear up to 1,070 tonnes, equivalent to the total weight of 9,000 people, 200 tonnes of stage props and three 30-tonne military vehicles. The gallery at the stadium has a seating capacity of 30,000 people.

But do they have boats cruising around during the games to catch all those balls that were kicked outside the field?

13 March 2011

Compact Hotel Design

Compact Hotel Design

On the border of a nature preserve, near Salzburg, Austria, lies one of the weirdest looking homes in the world – the Voglereiter Auto Residence.

Designed by Markus Voglereiter, this unusual home looks a lot like an old Volkswagen Beetle. It might look funny to some of you, but transforming a 70’s style suburban home into car-shaped house was no joke, especially sine it required creating two separate dwelling for parents and children, while implementing efficient heating and insulation techniques. Not to mention respecting legal building and design codes.

But in the end, Markus Voglereiter managed to create a unique residence, both on the outside and on the. The interior of the car-shaped house also features auto-themed styling, like the springs on the metal staircase. All in all, a fascinating structure, the Volgereiter Auto Residence has already become somewhat of a tourist attraction

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03 March 2011

What Is Google TV?

It's a software platform

You know how the Nexus One is a piece of hardware by HTC that runs Android, a piece of software by Google? That's how Google TV will work. At its heart, Google TV is a platform. It's software. Hardware makers will need to step up to use it in their devices.

Logitech, Sony and DISH support

Right now, there are three places we'll see Google TV: a set top box by Logitech, Sony televisions (and one Blu-ray player) and an upcoming DISH box. They all share the following common specs: An Atom (or better) processor, discrete GPU, HDMI-out, Bluetooth, IR (with a transmitting "blaster"), Wi-Fi, and Ethernet, all while supporting a keyboard and a pointing device, as well as more traditional remotes such as Logitech's Harmony \universals. From what we understand, all of these products will be available at Best Buy in fall of 2010 (though it's possible DISH may be later).

Supports existing cable/satellite box

Equipped with an IR blaster to change channels, Google TV can sit on top of your existing infrastructure. So while new hardware is in the works, it should be compatible with whatever you're using now—cable or satellite boxes, with all relevant subscriptions.

Google search

When you start any Google TV device, you're greeted by a simple search bar. You type what you'd like to watch. That can be a television station, allowing you to select and tune that channel. Or it can be a show, which will point you to places you can find the show—be that through a cable subscription channel, Netflix or somewhere on the web.

Combines the web with TV

So say you want to watch something that only exists on Amazon's streaming service. You'll be taken to Amazon's webpage through Chrome, where the video will stream. Random websites might look crumby on your television, of course, which is why Google asks that sites optimize for Google TV (full SDKs available in 2011). With this mix of web and television, you can also view multiple sources of information in multiple panes. So you can watch the Sox game on one part of your screen while reading Paul Konerko's realtime stats in another.

Combines your TV with your phone...

Thanks to required Google TV hardware specs like Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, you'll be able to load a webpage on your Android phone and beam it to your TV. You can also use your Android phone's voice recognition, effectively making it possible to change channels or search for shows just by talking.

Supports Flash

I'm pretty sure the audience cheered at this part. And when Google says Flash, they mean the videos and the games.