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15 August 2010

WHY I M 13...

In the 13 years old, has seen the first 50 Zhala Ha Cihuoenha Ci Huoen, who is from Rotherham, England, suffering from a rare hereditary disease known as metabolic disorder. The disease will lead to the support of adipose tissue, skin and even collapse, while the continued growth of the skin, often at an alarming rate. Only about 2,000 people in the world, is said to condition, but there is no known treatment. The impact of the disease has caused many problems and discomfort Hartshorn.

Unfortunately, lipid metabolism disorder is a family of Hartshorn: Zara's mother, Tracy, have the same genetic disease, making two Zara brothers and sisters. However, the impact of lipodystrophy, particularly evident in Prescott in 13, she looks older than her 21-year-old sister, Jolene.

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Vijaya Singh said...

ohh god whats is it how can be cure this disease if somebody got suffered from it

Pat said...

Hopefully, genetic engineering will resolve this soon and she will live long and happy life, being beautiful.

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