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22 November 2011

America's Incredible Weapons PART II

The Laser Avenger

Manufactured by: Boeing (BA)
Release date: 2009
Only a few centimeters in diameter and invisible to the naked eye, the Avenger's laser is 20 times hotter than an electric stove top and will cut through artillery shells with ease.
The Avenger was designed with the hope of effectively detonating the Improvised Explosive Devices (IEDs) that inflict more damage on American forces than any other weapon.
Current disposal methods involve a version of the MAARS robot that insurgents will bomb to take out of action.
The Avenger is also being tested to take down aerial vehicles.

Manufactured by: Raytheon (RTN)
Release date: 2008
Dubbed America's Ray Gun, by 60 Minutes, the Active Denial System is really more a combination radar array and microwave.
The ADS shoots a stream of electromagnetic waves, shorter than microwaves, which are instantly absorbed by the top layer of skin.
The pain is so intense, the reaction to run from the beams so overpowering, the military calls it the "Goodbye Weapon."
The ADS has been used domestically, both on test subjects and prison inmates. It was deployed to Afghanistan in 2010, only to be recalled, inexplicably, months later.
The military claims there are no lingering effects from exposure.

The Black Knight

Manufactured by: BAE Systems (BA.L)
Release date: 2008
The Black Knight is a combination remote controlled tank and forward scouting vehicle, designed for situations too risky for manned vehicles.
To keep costs low, the Black Knight shares a weapons systems and engine parts with the manned Bradley Fighting vehicle. Including a 30mm cannon, machine gun and 300 horsepower engine.
The vehicle is also fitted with autonomous navigation software and can design and follow its own routes without input from an outside source.


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