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20 May 2011

Facebook 'depriving sleep'

Facebook's grip on the nation appears limitless – and now it’s depriving people of their sleep. 

One in four users have been woken up by alerts from the social networking site, a survey suggests.
Britain’s 30million Facebook members apparently spend a full working week each year on the site while in bed, at an average of 21 minutes per person each day.  Logging on to Facebook is now the second most common bedtime habit behind watching TV or DVDs. Notifications from the site can be turned on through applications on mobile smartphones. 

One in five respondents to the survey said checking social media sites was the last thing they did before going to sleep – more than the proportion who kiss their partner good night last. Technology is affecting the sleeping patterns of almost two in five people, according to the poll for mattress firm Tempur

It is also a source of squabbles, with one in five saying their partner’s bedtime technology habits annoy them.


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